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Timber Kings

Timber Kings follows the master log smiths at Pioneer Log Homes as they build massive, multi-million dollar log homes under tight deadlines and intense pressure. 

The most unique log homes on earth are custom-built by master log-smiths in the small town of Williams Lake, British Columbia. Each one is handcrafted in the log yard, then taken apart, shipped around the world, and reconstructed wherever the client wants. No one else has ever built like the men at Pioneer Log Homes. They are Timber Kings.

 Crafting these magnificent homes around the world requires a labour-intensive process to ensure perfection for each elite client. The homes themselves are all made on site at Pioneer Log Homes, with each enormous log notched by hand to fit exactly into the next. The homes are then dismantled to be reassembled at their final destination, which can be a very dangerous job as the builders need to maneuver the 2,000 pound logs in often extreme weather conditions. Add using a 20-pound chainsaw three stories in the air and the stakes get even higher. This season alone the Timber Kings crew builds homes in Germany, Scotland and on a private island in England, in addition to locations across North America.

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What people are saying about Timber Kings

Love this show! Just for the variety of accents and personalities. And they make sweet cabins...

@Markysparkly, 8 weeks 19 hours ago

My husband and I are watching now. Love this show!

@bdkz, 8 weeks 19 hours ago

Beat never ceases to amaze me!

@vabeachgrl8, 8 weeks 19 hours ago

@ thank y'all for letting us into you're lives

@asummer660, 8 weeks 19 hours ago

thank you guys for an awesome season see ya'll next season God bless you and stay safe I was watching from Abilene,Tx

@jdeasterling84, 8 weeks 19 hours ago

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